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Spiritual Development Workshop online

Spiritual Development Group

Which will include meditation, creating a strong link with spirit and your own spirit. Developing your inner knowing and clairvoyant link. The price of this will be £10 per session

Saturday mornings 10am to 12 pm. Every other Saturday. From 30th January 2021.

Price 10 pounds payable in advance.

If you feel you are intuitive or can sense spirit then a development group is a good foundation to develop your intuition and develop your natural ability to link with spirit. 

  • Development. 

  • Inner Insight 

  • Soul Development 

  • Intuition your own natural state 

  • Meditation 

  • Blending with Spirit 

  • Developing your Readings 

  • Developing your link with spirit as a medium 

  • Tarot and Angel Cards 

  • Psychometry 

  • Platform Mediumship

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