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What Else I Do...

I will help you unlock the power of your energy. I offer a variety of readings and healing services tailored to your unique needs, so you can find the clarity and healing you deserve. Trust me to guide you on your journey.

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Energy Readings

An energy reading is very much about tuning into you as a person and reading your energy and thought fields. Your relationships and those around you and tuning into a way forward in your life that works for you.


Everything is energy our thoughts, feelings and personality. With a reading it is possible to read your fields of energy and look at your life and what is going on for you.

By the end of the energy reading you should feel as though the reading is just about you and moving you forward in your lfe.

There will be suggestions for moving forward and you should feel better about who you are and how to change the situations in your life.

A reading is £55 for 45 minutes in person at my office at Barham Court Teston Kent. Or the session can be on line.

Mediumship Readings

When you are drawn to see a medium it is usually to connect with a loved one in spirit..

You can be drawn to connect with an aspect of spirit to confirm information that you know to be true. The evidence given by a medium should link with a family member, a friend or a person known to the sitter. You should be able to link the evidence given by the medium to the person who has passed to spirit.


Evidence can include names, age, personality, looks, upbringing, passing and information about the person that is known only to the sitter. All information should be given in a positive and uplifting manor by the medium. Sometimes a message is given to the sitter which is both personal and private to the sitter. There is no scientific formula for a sitting it isn’t scripted. It is given by spirit to you to validate the experience. It is up to you to judge whether you feel the experience has brought through those from spirit and for me it’s the validation that spirit know what is happening around you. You can feel the connection is real as though the person is there with you.

A reading costs £55 pounds for 45 minutes and is given at my office at Barham Court Teston Kent, or online.


Trance Mediumship

I have a guide called Peter who I have worked with for a long time. He comes through with a mans voice and can make me rock to keep the connection.

Wisdom and philosophy is offered and there is also advice on your everyday life. You can also feel the energy and vibration of spirit. It is the essence and feeling that it is real you can feel the tangibility of the experience. You may experience the feeling that the room has become colder. The energy in the room has changed. He can bring througnh spirit known to you within the sitting.


There are also three other collective guides that work within the collective spirit energy when I work.

I demonstrate to small groups who would like to experience the voice of spirit through a medium. This is through invitation only. I have a guide who refers to himself as Peter and can offer individuals the experience, wisdom and compassion of spirit. In a group environment,

Spirit can offer information to the group and an individual regarding their everyday life. Individuals have sat within the group environment with Peter who I don’t know in any way. His wisdom will answer questions on their everyday lives. Even if they don’t ask the right question he will give advice on a situation and the best way to deal with the situation.

Trance readings are for those who have experienced the trance state in person or who would like to. I run a trance group and workshops if you would like to know more please contact me.

Trance readings £60


Reiki is the name given to describe the healing system that was discovered by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th Century. The word Reiki is of Japanese origin. `Rei’ means universal, meaning all encompassing, and `Ki’ refers to the life force of all living things. 

Reiki is one of the few forms of powerful healing energy that can be used for oneself as well as on others. Our world is energy and inexhaustible. Energy keeps us alive. Reiki is a natural healing energy, it flows through the hands of the practitioner/ Reiki Master and into the body, mind and spirit of the client. 

The healing energy is always complimentary to medication. The energy will work on the balance and harmony for the mind, body and spirit. Balancing the Chakra system and the energy field of the client. Reiki speeds up the healing process and provides a restoring energy which does not interfere with allopathic medical treatments. For individuals that are recovering from surgery or conditions Reiki can help to relax the person and help speed up recovery. Giving a sense of well being and peace to the client. 


Reiki Treatment 

A Reiki treatment will usually last around 45 minutes. After an initial 15 minute consultation about the clients medical history any conditions, ailments and concerns. 

A Reiki treatment is always given in a peaceful and tranquil environment with relaxing music. The client will lay down on the couch fully clothed and if necessary a cover will be placed over the client. As a Reiki Master Practitioner the client should be able to feel a gentle relaxing energy flowing through them or visualise colours. Sometimes tingling sensations can be felt over the body hot or cold. A general sense of peace and relaxation should be felt throughout the session. The Reiki treatment can address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances restoring a sense of balance to your life. 

Energy Healing

Conditions Reiki Can Help 

  • Stress Related Problems 

  • Sprains and Injuries 

  • Insomnia 

  • Headaches 

  • Backaches and Pains 

  • PMS 

  • Fatigue 

  • General feeling of not feeling good 

  • Emotional balance within yourself 

  • Digestive Problems 

  • Sports Injuries 

  • Speeds up healing recovery from operations

Energy in Motion

Energy In Motion Master Practitioner. 

Developed by Silvia Hartmann, Energy in Motion is an accredited qualification with the Guild of Energists. 


An introduction to EMO 

All Emotions Are Movements In The Energy Body. 

This simple sentence is a revolution in the approach to all human emotions - and not just in the "control of negative emotions." 

Human emotions are at the root of everything that human beings do, and it is in emotional currency we evaluate whether we are living good lives, or not. 


Life isn't about money, it's all about feelings. 

Feeling happy, feeling loved, feeling connected, feeling safe, feeling joyous - that's what we're working for, that's what we strive towards, and that's what we want out of life. 

EMO is the direct path to feeling those good emotions. 

EMO works directly with the interface where we feel our emotions as REAL FEELINGS in the body. If your heart is breaking - where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands. Now we know where the pain is, now we can heal it. 

But EMO goes further than that. 

Once the injury is healed, emotions change - of course! Instead of pain, we begin to feel peace at first, but then, as the energy flow improves and speeds up, the emotions change again - into positive emotions of joy, happiness, delight. These are energized end states, and the real sign of emotional health and happiness. 

EMO is a set of techniques that takes a person from pain through peace to joy.

This is done by pure and powerful energy work, putting the healing where it belongs - in the energy body. But EMO is not just for healing the broken heart. EMO shows us that ...

  • Energy is real. It's all around us.

  • It is within us.

  • Energy has the power to make us happy or sad. 


If you are feeling stuck within your life and would like to move forward Energy In Motion could work for you. A session usually lasts around an hour and is a totally easy and effective therapy to help shift energy blocks within the body. Enabling you to feel more peaceful and energetic within your life. Removing the blocks in your life that have been holding you back. 

I had this treatment by a EMO practitioner loved the effect it had on my life and became a practitioner myself…. 

An Energy in Motion 1 hour session costs £70

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