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Energy in Motion

Love Yourself

Energy in Motion

Energy In Motion Master Practitioner. 

Developed by Silvia Hartmann Energy in Motion is an accredited qualification with the Guild of Energists. 


An introduction to EMO 

All Emotions Are Movements In The Energy Body. 

This simple sentence is a revolution in the approach to all human emotions - and not just in the "control of negative emotions." 

Human emotions are at the root of everything that human beings do, and it is in emotional currency we evaluate whether we are living good lives, or not. 

Life isn't about money, it's all about feelings

Feeling happy, feeling loved, feeling connected, feeling safe, feeling joyous - that's what we're working for, that's what we strive towards, and that's what we want out of life. 

EMO is the direct path to feeling those good emotions

EMO works directly with the interface where we feel our emotions as REAL FEELINGS in the body. If your heart is breaking - where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands. Now we know where the pain is, now we can heal it. 

But EMO goes further than that. 

Once the injury is healed, emotions change - of course! Instead of pain, we begin to feel peace at first, but then, as the energy flow improves and speeds up, the emotions change again - into positive emotions of joy, happiness, delight. These are energized end states, and the real sign of emotional health and happiness. 

EMO is a set of techniques that takes a person from pain through peace to joy.

This is done by pure and powerful energy work, putting the healing where it belongs - in the energy body. But EMO is not just for healing the broken heart. EMO shows us that ...

  • Energy is real. It's all around us.

  • It is within us.

  • Energy has the power to make us happy or sad. 

If you are feeling stuck within your life and would like to move forward Energy In Motion could work for you. A session usually lasts around an hour and is a totally easy and effective therapy to help shift energy blocks within the body. Enabling you to feel more peaceful and energetic within your life. Removing the blocks in your life that have been holding you back. 

I had this treatment by a EMO practitioner loved the effect it had on my life and became a practitioner myself…. 

An Energy in Motion 1 hour session costs £70

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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