We all experience the ups and downs of life and at times we can tune into our own inner-understanding of the situation. We listen to our gut feeling our inner intuition, which usually serves us well. Sometimes when we have fear with in the situation we are in, we develop an apprehension about our judgement of the situation. Our minds can play havoc with our courage and the validity of our decisions. It is in moments like this when we need to listen to an inner understanding within us but 9 out of 10 times we need validation we are right to proceed. 

Sometimes to tune into our own power we need to experience fear, sadness, loneliness and death it is this experience that teaches us about ourselves. Society and the media paint a perfect picture of how life should be, from how we behave to how we dress. My experience is not so picturesque or easy life can be tough. Relationships with partners, family and friends can be anything but easy. Sometimes we can look for answers from a source that society doesn’t recognise but over the past 10 years has grown in popularity Mediumship and the Psychic. 

The Psychic and Mediumship readings should make you feel as though the reader knows you and your situation without any input from you it should just flow. There should be a link between what is given by the reader and the sitter. You should feel that this is just about you. We are all energy and the psychic/medium should validate all that is happening around you. 

Tuning into you and who you are is something that starts with you and ends with you. It can be a journey that sets you up for life. Once started most people I know can never go back to who they were before but continue to tune in to themselves. Gut feeling or inner intuition it doesn’t matter we have an inner understanding,


When you are drawn to see a medium it is usually to connect with spirit. Some people may not understand and state that when someone is dead they are dead. You are drawn to connect with an aspect of spirit to confirm information that you know to be true. The evidence produced from the medium should link with a family member, a friend or a person known to the sitter. The sitter-client should be able to link the evidence given by the medium to the person who has passed to spirit. Evidence can include names, age, personality, looks, upbringing, passing and information about the person that is known only to the sitter. All information should be given in a positive and uplifting manor by the medium. Sometimes a message is given to the sitter which is both personal and private to the sitter. There is no scientific formula for a sitting it isn’t scripted it is given by spirit to you to validate the experience. It is up to you to judge whether you feel the experience has brought through those from spirit and for me it’s the validation that spirit know what is happening around you.

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Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship brings through a voice from a spirit that can be male or female and be of a vibration that is both hard or soft in essence. It is the essence and feeling that it is real you can feel the tangibility of the experience. You may experience the feeling that the room has become colder. The energy in the room has changed. In a group environment the medium may demonstrate transfiguration where the face and the facial features change and everyone in the room experiences the subtle changes. The voice from the medium will change either to male or female and the validity of the experience can be felt by everyone. 

I demonstrate to small groups who would like to experience the voice of spirit through the medium. This is through invitation only. I have a guide who refers to himself as Peter and can offer individuals the experience, wisdom and compassion of spirit. In a group environment, Spirit can offer information to the group and an individual on everyday life. Individuals have sat within the group environment with Peter who I don’t know in any way and his wisdom will answer questions on their everyday lives. Even if they don’t ask the right question he will give advice on a situation and the best way to deal with the situation.

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