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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Training



The Usui System of natural healing 

Reiki Levels I, II and III. 

As a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher I offer training sessions for all levels of Reiki throughout the year. 

All training is given in a relaxed manner where I feel the best way to learn is practice what you are learning on the day. Reiki healing energy has a wonderful therapeutic effect on both the client and the practitioner. If you enjoy having Reiki treatments and you resonate with the energy you can feel, then becoming a reiki practitioner will change your life. 

Each level of training is given to a maximum of 4 students in any group. This offers you personal and individual training in a caring environment.


For me it is about the magic of the Reiki Energy and it’s the resonance you feel when using and blending with this energy, that I wish to teach.

Reiki I Training Date Saturday 27th January 2024

Reiki II Training Date Saturday 16th March 2024

Reiki Masters 2 days Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2024

Planet and Moon

Creating Magic & Abundance in 2023

Creating Magic & Abundance

Saturday 13th April 2024

The workshop runs from 10am to 2.30pm in person at Scott Close Ditton Kent.

  • Do you want to feel good and to have more money.

  • Do you want to attract love into your life and a new romantic relationship. 

  • Do you long to have a better career or just feel better inside about yourself.

  • Do you want to show up in your life as the real you. knowing you are amazing.


During the session you will be guided by your intuition  to create a life where you feel good.

We look at you and how you can move forward in your life in a more spiritual and easier way.

A session to change how you view yourself and others around you.

To change your energy vibration and feel good inside.

I have found these groups come together naturally and the right people attend at the right time. Bringing the right solutions to all that attend.

Session is £45 pounds payable in advance.


Heal Your Life Teacher and Life Coach

Sue Stone Foundation Coach.


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