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Tracy Edwards: Licensed Heal your Life coach and teacher.  

Love yourself and Heal your life 5 week online workshop

Do you feel held back in your life by emotions and long to change how you view yourself and create a new way of living. Attract a new relationship, new job, new home and wealth in 2021.

This 5 week 2 hour workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, you will learn to change your life by changing your thinking.

The life changing workshop will help you to:

  • Let go of old negative patterns and beliefs that hold you back.

  • Release resentment and old emotions.

  • Experience that by changing your thinking you can change your life and become who you want to be.

  • Getting past the thoughts that have been holding you back for a long time and create harmony and self love in your life.

  • Learn the power of mirror work, visualisation and affirmations.

  • Achieve practical skills to use in your daily life.

  • Love and accept yourself fully.

  • Attract new experiences, money, relationships and harmony.


After this 5 week on line workshop you will feel empowered and you will be able to bring change to all areas of your life. Create a new you.


The workshop leader is Tracy Edwards who is a Licensed Heal your Life Teacher and Personal Coach. 


The workshop will be held via zoom from Monday 11th January to 8th February 2021 every monday evening  for 5 weeks from 7.30pm to 9.30 pm.

Cosmic Ordering Workshop

Cosmic Ordering Workshop Saturday 30th January 2021 10am to 2.30pm Online Zoom Session.

£35 pounds for the session, .

Do you feel that you want to use affirmations to change your life and bring some peace into your everyday life.

Do you want to learn how to work with the universe and ask for the right things in the right way.

Learn to write affirmations that work for you and bring results.

Based on the work by Dr Patricia Crane and her book The Cosmic Kitchen.

Licensed to teach this course under Heal Your Life Workshop Training Certification.

Reiki training


The Usui System of natural healing 

Reiki Levels I, II and III. 

As a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher I offer training sessions for all levels of Reiki throughout the year. 

All training is given in a relaxed manner where I feel the best way to learn is practice what you are learning on the day. Reiki healing energy has a wonderful therapeutic effect on both the client and the practitioner. If you enjoy having Reiki treatments and you resonate with the energy you can feel, then becoming a reiki practitioner will change your life. 

Each level of training is given to a maximum of 4 students in any group. This offers you personal and individual training in a caring environment. For me it is about the magic of the Reiki Energy and it’s the resonance you feel when using and blending with this energy, that I wish to teach.

Reiki I Training Date  17th April 2021

Reiki II Training Date 5th June 2021

Reiki Masters Date 2 days 7th & 8th May 2021

Trance & Physical Development

Trance and Physical Mediumship development is for those that wish to sit and blend with their own spirit and those from spirit. I demonstrate trance mediumship and love the contact with spirit that it brings. For me this is an amazing form of mediumship and is for those that have developed their intuition and work with spirit on a regular basis it is not for beginners. Sitting is the main element of trance and physical mediumship. Results are not instant it is about developing your natural ability with spirit. 

  • Development.of your Spirit

  • Blending with Spirit 

  • Transfiguration 

  • The Magic of Spirit energy and the physical form 

  • Physical Phenomena 

  • The development of the voice of spirit

Monthly Trance Group None due to Coovid 19

Full Day Workshop No in person groups Tier 4.