Heal Your Life

Intuitive Coaching

Living your best life isn't just for those that appear to have made it. 

Its for everyone! 

  • Do you want to change and feel different?

  • Do you long to change your behaviour and move beyond limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

  • Would you like someone to listen to you and hold the space for you to express yourself without judgement.

Intuitive coaching can help you shift old beliefs and emotions which cause us to be held back in our lives. Using philosophy of Louise Hay and working as a Heal Your Life Coach. Each session is designed individually to help you lead your best life..

Coaching sessions help you learn new ways to live your life more intuitively and effectively. Helping you to change your current thoughts to more effective and positive thoughts that allow the flow of change to happen in your life.

Letting go of negative beliefs about yourself. Releasing resentment and old emotions.

Use new skills in your day to day life to really help you lead your best life.

Coaching sessions are booked in a block of 6 to help create consistent change in your everyday life. Each session is 1 hour long

Coaching sessions are £70 each, A minimum 6 sessions.

BOOK NOW and receive one session free.

Total £350. 

"Its only a thought and a thought can be changed.

Iam not limited by any past thinking.

i choose my thoughts with care.

Iam willing to change and grow".

                                                                      Louise Hay

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