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Tracy Edwards

Welcome to my website thankyou for visiting.

I would just like to share with you that I love what I do. I love to move clients forward in their lives. I know a lot of my clients feel I know them by  the time they leave my office and they have not given me any information. I use my intuition and your energy field combined with your soul. Its a combined effort. Spirit can also form part of the reading as we all have people in our lives that have crossed over. Combining all these areas and your life purpose will  help you to reconnect with you and assist you in making changes in your life.

I am a fully licensed Life Coach working with the Heal Your LIfe principles by Louise Hay, I love to help clients move their lives forward and to assist them change their behaviour, look at them selves with love and be able to live and enjoy life. Bringing out their best and to let go of limiting beliefs they may hold onto. To watch a client become and to live an authentic life filled with purpose is a privilege. to be part of.

I teach Reiki and also give healing treatments in my therapy room at Barham Court Teston. Reiki is the most amazing energy that relaxes and soothes the soul helping with anxiety, healing of injuries, IBS and stress anf many more ailments.

As a accredited energist, I work with a clients energy to help raise their energy .I help assist clients in removing energy blocks that are in their energy field and need to be flowed out of the body. This for me is one of the best therapies I experienced which changed my life. I learnt the skill to help others move their lives forward by releasing stuck energy in the body and the etheric body.


I am also a  co presenter on the David Hailwood show, on www.ex-patradio.com on friday mornings from 10am -12pm UK time. I have a spiritual show every other friday where I invite a Spiritual Guest onto the show and we disuss various topics depending on the guest. We answer emails on the show and we discuss different topics each week . On the Friday 3 Sum show at 11am we talk about news related topics and we have a lot of fun and laughter with David Hailwood, Connie-Lee Courageous Bennett and Lorraine Findlay.

I love what I do and when you are working doing what you love life seems so much brighter in a world filled with chaos. The beauty of living is to love what you do.


Its lovely to move clients forward in their lives. If you are struggling moving your life forward please get in touch. If you are just curious about your spiritual path please contact me on this site or telephone 078555 29169.

My facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/tracyedwardsintuitveandenergist

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tracy x



My office and therapy room at Barham Court Teston ME18 5BZ